Best Tiny House Plans: How to Find Them

Built your own shipping container home

When it comes to living in a tiny house, having the right plans is essential.


But where do you start if you’re looking for tiny house plans? Well, you’re in luck! Here’s how to find plans for your dream living space – it’s truly easy as apple pie!

To begin with, hit up the web. There are tons of sites out there offering plan ideas and even full-fledged blueprints for build-it-yourselfers. Just run a quick search and get ready to be amazed – there are so many options, you’ll absolutely be blown away!

Next, hit up social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram – people in the tiny house game love to share their projects!


Besides showing off their latest and greatest designs, they may even point you towards a site or two with the best plans.


Plus, it’s fun to scroll through every now and again whenever you’re feeling really inspired.

If all else fails, contact a local builder or architect who specializes in tiny houses.


Ask around; chances are someone knows someone who can help you out. Plus, they could provide valuable advice on materials or design tips that can help keep costs down while still making your home amazing and unique.


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And don’t forget shipping containers as a viable housing option — these bad boys make awesome tiny houses! 

Now that you got those tips on how to find the right tiny house plans under your belt, what next? Time to get down to business!


First off, nail down your budget – decide just how much money you want to spend before diving headfirst into planning your home-sweet-home.


Once that’s sorted out, take a look at houses online or in real life (yes – there could be one nearby!) for ideas on style and shape so that when it comes time for construction everything will be smooth sailing!


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Don’t forget – if it looks too expensive…keep looking – something more suitable is bound to turn up eventually.

Finally…dream big! The whole point of these petite homes is the power of simplicity without giving up luxuries of larger homes so don’t be afraid to take your ideas a step further: think unique window styles; cutting-edge cabinetry; clever storage solutions; fun furnishings – going all out will make your place stand out from any small cookie cutter homes floating around town.

So what are you waiting for? If a life as a tiny home dweller is calling your name then get creative and get searching!


You’ll soon be well on your way towards building the cozy oasis of tomorrow – Happy tiny house hunting!


For our top recommended guide for building your own tiny house, check out Tiny Home Builders!  They will show you how to make your tiny house dream a reality!