Is it Cheaper to Buy or Build Your Tiny House?

Built your own shipping container home

If you’d love to have your own tiny house but are unsure whether it’s makes more sense to buy or build a tiny house, you’ve come to the right place! 


Whether it’s cheaper to buy or build a tiny house comes down to a few things:


First, do you want a custom-built, mobile home?


Second, what kind of budget do you have?


Third, what kind of materials and labor will go into the project?


And fourth, how much time and energy are you willing to put in to get the job done right?


So let’s dig into the ins and outs of DIY tiny house construction versus buying one pre-made!

When it comes to how much a tiny house will cost—whether bought or built—there are a variety of answers, as each project is truly unique.


A nicely outfitted tiny home, complete with all the amenities of day-to-day living (kitchen, bathroom etc.), could easily run into the tens of thousands. Depending on variables like labor costs, materials and land considerations, that bill can skyrocket even more.


That said, many folks contemplating either buying or building have budgets which don’t allow for those levels of expenditure. The good news is there are varying paths to creative solutions.

Let’s start by looking at some off-the-shelf solutions available for purchase; currently there are ready-made tiny homes on wheels designed for DIY setup which often come with instructional manuals that basically “walk you through” setting up your own mobile space while avoiding the permit challenges related to building codes in many areas.


While these babies come pre-made with all the bells and whistles (especially if bought directly from someone who custom builds them), they don’t always fit everyone’s unique needs perfectly.


But fear not: if budget is an issue but you need more than just some standard cabinetry and basic amenities…you can always tame your build costs by checking out online opportunities like Craigslist where DIYers sell their barely used fixtures and other items at bargain prices!

All that said, building a tiny house may offer an even more affordable option; depending on how many hands are helping with the project (or how lazy-clever one decides to be with utilizing existing resources).


Custom builds minimize costs by using used windows/doors/etc., salvaged building materials from renovations/demolitions, bartering for goods/services and other creative workarounds that can be tailored to budget constraints.


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Plus those who DIY honestly can tell you that there truly is a great sense of accomplishment associated with completing the build—starting from scratch ideally allows one to create a truly unique space—and that makes it all worth it!

So if budget isn’t an issue but you absolutely require something with extraordinary features then buying premade or having someone else customize might be your best bet; however if money is tight then spending time researching local resources within reach could mean rolling up your sleeves and getting creative because this type of “working smarter not harder” approach may offer fantastic results without breaking bank accounts too hard…though there’s definitely some sweat equity involved!


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And really in either event (buying or building) when done strategically it doesn’t have to be an expensive venture…at least not anymore than any significant remodel project would be…so why not give either route serious consideration before taking the plunge?!


Bottom line: make sure whatever route chosen fits both your lifestyle needs as well as your financial reality because nothing should jeopardize turning one’s “living dreams into living reality!”


For our top recommended guide for building your own tiny house, check out Tiny Home Builders!  They will show you how to make your tiny house dream a reality!