Shipping Container Homes: How Long Do They Last?

Built your own shipping container home

Shipping container homes have surged in popularity recently, and their longevity is a major selling point. But just how long will your shipping container home last? The answer may surprise you!

Containers come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on several factors, some can even last up to forty years before needing a major revamp! Yes!!!




Some are made of cor-ten steel, which is designed to self-repair, preventing any cracks from becoming too big and pushing your costs up.




Others are made from aluminum, while still others come in the form of composite materials like fiberglass or timber – both of which, when built properly, can withstand all levels of exposure.

So yes, shipping containers can really last for decades if you take care of them!




In deciding what type of container to buy, make sure you take material quality into consideration. In general, the more you spend, the higher the quality. 




That said, even the quality materials and construction won’t make them invincible.




In fact, some people opt for a quicker turnaround when it comes to their shipping container homes because they don’t want to invest too much time into its upkeep—you know what they say about something lasting forever!




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That being said, you’ll still need to factor in repairs and bolt-ins every now and again over time if you’re looking to keep it going strong.

Now let’s get down to practical considerations that affect the longevity of any shipping container home—namely temperature control and proper insulation.




While many manufacturers will provide these services during production (for an extra fee of course), it’s incredibly important that these get done right if you want your container home standing the test of time—otherwise humidity can cause warping and rusting within an unbelievable short time frame.




It’s not just important for the house either; installing air conditioners and heaters can also help keep your interiors comfortable year-round regardless of climate changes outside!

While offering excellent options for off-the grid living or simply providing extra space as work rooms or places for guests gather, there’s no doubt that conversion into beautiful tiny homes is one of the best incentives to use containers as housing solutions – but only if they remain structurally sound!




So by starting with solid materials, adding appropriate reinforcement like insulation systems with thermal breaks where needed – along with ensuring frequent maintenance – anyone embarking on the journey will ensure their converted mini-warehouse remains firmly standing against whatever Mother Nature has waiting outside!

To put it plainly: when treated right, shipping containers can easily last fifteen years or longer with minimal work – meaning you’ll be able to enjoy your dream home hassle free for years down the track (phew!).




Sure, springing for higher quality materials might cost more initially but hey – peace of mind should never be underestimated! And next thing you know – these bad boys of housing will become bona fide family heirlooms passed from generation to generation without a hitch! Pun totally intended 😉




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