How to Find Land for Your Tiny House

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Looking for a place to park your tiny house? You’ve come to the right place! Finding land that ticks all the right boxes can seem daunting, but with a few insider tips, you’ll be ready to go in no time.

First off, narrow down where you want your little hunk of heaven.


Think about these things:


        1. What type of climate do I want?


        1. How close do I want to be to amenities, family and friends?


        1. Determine how much space you’ll need (after all, it’s gotta fit the tiny house!).


        1. What kind of roads and utilities are available?


        1. How much are you willing to pay?


Keep in mind all these factors – then you’re good to go in finding land!


Start your research online – websites like Zillow or Craigslist offer a wide variety of listings.


Additionally, search for tiny house communities. Depending on where you plan to settle down, look up Land Use/Zoning regulations so you won’t end up in hot water for building or parking somewhere that’s off-limits.

Next up: Give local Realtors a shout – they have a wealth of knowledge about available properties too!


Investigate neighborhoods and take note of anything that may sway your decision (eg schools, crime rate).


And don’t forget: Networking may be worth its weight in gold! Get out there and chat with landowners or people who’ve purchased land before – they might know of properties they can direct you towards. You just never know!


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And finally… Get that checkbook ready ‘cos once it passes your inspection (remember: safety first!), it’s time to put some cash on the table – especially if it’s unbuilt land or land with special zoning restrictions!


Also remember: When it comes right down to it, negotiating is key if you want to get a good deal. Don’t forget those special taxes and permits either; they too are included in the total price tag.

Bottom line is: Before you choose where your tiny house will call home sweet home – research diligently and weigh up ALL the options until you arrive at an informed decision; after all, it’ll be worth it in the end when you find that perfect piece of land!


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