How to Find the Perfect Tiny House Plan

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Finding the perfect tiny house floor plan takes time and effort, but it’s worth it in the end! You want a plan that is functional and aesthetically pleasing, so let’s get started!!!

First off, you can scour the web. Whether you use Pinterest or Google, type ‘tiny house floor plans’ into the search bar and get ready to do some sorting and sifting.


You’ll find all sorts of inspiration, but try to narrow down your options by size, features, and style – whatever fits your needs best.


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Once you have a few plans that fit the bill, it’s time to dig deeper. Be sure to check out all the details.


Are there any funky angles or awkward configurations? Do windows provide enough natural light? How does ventilation look? Make sure there aren’t any glaring issues with room divisions if you’re looking for separate bath/bedroom/kitchen areas.

Compare your short list against each other for overall balance and flow; this will help make sure all elements are comfortable and logical together (ah-hah!).


Think of details like stairs – no one wants to trip over themselves every day! Plus consider practical items like storage solutions. When it comes to tiny houses, minding these specifics can save major headaches and space down the road. Good thing too – tiny means tiny room for error!

Finally once you’ve settled on a single plan – phew! – consider choosing a point person (or design team) who gets ‘your vision’.


There may be tweaks necessary to customize your plan – something tiny housers know all too well – so make sure whoever has your back is just as passionate about the project as you are. When that happens, watching your dreams unfold can be magical! Sure beats settling for something less than perfect after all this hard work.

So there you have it – tracking down the right floor plan doesn’t have to be a chore if you know where to look and what to keep an eye out for!




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